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NVS M.O.M.S ( Mobile Onsite Monitoring Services) has been at the forefront of making a difference in children’s lives since 2000. Located at the intersection of community and life, NVS M.O.M.S  is a life-affirming journey that builds on the richness and power of lifelong values. We have been providing young people with the values and skills they need to become exceptional community leaders.

At NVS M.O.M.S, we are strong believers in the reliability and security of children while parents engage in events and activities. Our recreational vehicle is designed to offer onsite Youth Enrichment Services (Y.E.S.) to our parents while they live a little.  Oftentimes parents have to RSVP NO to events because lack of quality and dependable babysitting services.  But Saying Y.E.S. to NVS M.O.M.S provides another option.  NVS M.O.M.S offers services to large groups such as group recreational activities/events, meetings, etc.).


NVS Mobile Onsite Monitoring Services (M.O.M.S) is a company that wants parents to remain active and RSVP YES to events by booking our Youth Enrichment Services (Y.E.S.)

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